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Aspire: We promote the importance of dreaming, providing experiences and opportunities to try new things.


We expect staff to live by:


  • Provide out of school opportunities for children to experience the world outside school
  • Positive talk about what chdn can achieve in life / in lessons / in Bushmead
  • Talent day – children sign up to workshops of their interest Talent board actively promoted by all
  • Develop and celebrate musicians
  • Develop and celebrate artists
  • Provide life skills
    • Swimming
    • Life saving
    • Bikability
    • Cooking
    • Culture and communities
  • Regularly bring back ex pupils (challenging / successful) to promote aspirations and show jobs ex pupils have now
  • Giving a view to different professions through for example
    • Visitors
    • Assemblies around careers
    • Visits to different work environments (linked to the curriculum)
    • Careers topic every year
    • Annual careers week?
    • Jobs fayre / day


We expect children to live by:


  • Dream! Be open to different jobs and ideas about your own future.
  • Try different experiences when they are offered


We expect parents to live by:


  • Encourage children to dream and try different experiences