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Community: Through open, clear and honest communication we all  work together to build a cohesive learning community based on positive relationships.


Staff will always aim to live by:


  • Smiles breed smiles!
  • Positive voices and words in all situations, using our Step up training as a basis
  • Being open and honest about concerns with colleagues, children and parents
  • Support for each other, colleagues, children and parents through honest conversations
  • Greet each child with a smile and handshake as they enter our school
  • Teachers to lead on parental communication in their class taking time to bring parents in (or phone) to discuss issues
  • Update parents about daily issues in school clearly and honestly making sure we ask the question “are you happy with what’s been or being done” and include meeting notes with actions for more significant issues.
  • Ensure all behaviour issues are dealt with consistently by al staff in line with the behaviour policy.
  • Continuously model our conflict management work approaches to issues that arise in school, using Step on as a basis.
  • Open communication about what is happening in school with a positive social media presence, class webpages, and newsletters
  • Regularly hold events for or in the community that improve our local area
  • Provide opportunities for parents to come into school. Open the doors. e.g. curriculum events, family breakfasts
  • Involve local residents in school life where possible with each year group hosting a community event throughout the year e.g. Care home residents (care and share sessions)
  • Ensure parents know who staff are when children move year groups


We expect children to live by: 


  • Smiles breed smiles!
  • Use positive voices and words when talking to other children and adults
  • Show respect for one other
  • Being open and honest about things that have happened
  • Support for each other, helping others when upset or hurt
  • Greet each other with a smile
  • Talk openly and honestly to staff and carers about school
  • Respect our behaviour policy
  • Use the our conflict resolution work when we fall out with our friends
  • Encourage our grown ups to come into school when they can


We expect parents to live by:


  • Smiles breed smiles!
  • Positive and calm voices and words in all situations
  • Being open and honest about concerns with teaching staff
  • Support other parents and work openly and respectfully to resolve issues between children allowing school staff to be involved
  • Communicate openly and honestly with school over any concerns they have with their child, always involving the class teacher at the earliest opportunity
  • Back up school staff once issues have been resolved to ensure consistency between home and school
  • Come into school when opportunities arise to be a part of school life
  • Promote the positives
  • Volunteer where appropriate their skills and time in school