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Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset: We develop positive children with a love of learning.


As staff we will always aim to live by:


  • Role model a Growth Mindset in class
  • Teach Growth Mindset specifically within the timetable
  • Provide regular opportunities for children to get stuck and support them to find their own solutions
  • Reward effort specifically! Celebrating learning new things
  • Nurture an environment where failure is seen as a necessary step. Actively in lessons
  • Promote and reinvent the learning powers, esp KS2
  • “A week to THRIVE” timetabled at the beginning of every year
  • Work to promote a thirst for success when children leave Bushmead
  • Model failure to children


We expect children to live by:


  • Think about our learning powers in lessons
  • Have a go at things like Hector
  • Don’t give up with work like. Daisy
  • Always try to be curious like Colin
  • Keep improving just like Colin
  • Understand that getting something wrong is how our brain grows and develops


We expect parents to live by:


  • Take a bit of time to understand what it means to have a Growth Mindset
  • To try and refer to our learning power characters occasionally at home