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Geography at Bushmead Primary School

At Bushmead Primary school, geography is an integral part of the curriculum which is embedded into many aspects of learning. We aim to:

  • Provide a range of geographical experiences both in an out of the classroom to support children in applying their skills and knowledge that they have learnt.

  • Foster a sense of awe and wonder about our word and encourage curiosity.

  • Develop a sense of place.

  • Develop geographical vocabulary.

  • Develop geographical skills by asking questions, interpreting information, researching, data handling, presenting findings, drawing conclusions.

  • Become familiar with their own locality (St Neots) and compare to other places by appreciating similarities and differences.

  • Understand the difference between human and physical geography and understand the geographical processes within human and physical geography as well as how they can interconnect.

  • Being aware of and respecting other places.

  • Develop a sense of responsibility to care for the earth and its people.

  • Encourage pupils to value social and cultural diversity through geographical learning.

Intent statement 

In Geography at Bushmead, pupils are taught a progression of geographical knowledge and skills. The curriculum is designed to support pupil’s locational and place knowledge, knowledge of human and physical geography and to support pupil’s geographical skills.  Geography is taught in an exciting and engaging way which is linked to each year group’s overall theme, Children are given to opportunity to apply their knowledge and practice geographical skills through fieldwork. 



What the children will be taught 

As children move through our school they will be taught a progressive curriculum that builds on the knowledge from previous years. Children will learn about the following areas in each year group. 


Early Years

Seasonal changes, drawing simple maps, exploration of natural world, learning about different countries. 


Year 1 

Features of their local area, comparing towns and cities, countries which make up the UK, hot and cold countries, weather, drawing maps.


Year 2

Continents and oceans, non-european countries, physical geographical features, compasses, maps. 


Year 3

Volcanoes, regions of UK and european countries, settlements, maps 


Year 4 

Range of maps, land use, mountains, rivers and the water cycle, compass directions. 


Year 5

Regions in North America, observe and measure features in the local area, grid references, earthquakes. 


Year 6 

Distribution of natural resources, quantitative enquiry, grid references, climate zones, renewable and non-renewable energy sources. 


School Policy

Planning and progression

We have a clear plan for how geography is taught across the school to ensure that geographical knowledge and skill is built upon incrementally term on term and year on year. Below you will find an overview of geography at bushmead, our whole school Long term plan along with a progression map of skills.