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Year 4 - Chestnut and Maple

Welcome to Year 4


Chestnut Class

Mrs Yates & Miss Farley


Maple Class

Mrs Row and Mrs Eaton



Reading: at least 3 times a week with parental signature in reading journal. These will be checked every Monday and a step up the Diamond given for reading more than 3 times a week.

Spellings: Will be put on the class page every Friday and tested the following Friday.

Times tables tests will be every Friday - the children are aware of which times table they are focusing on.

Please ensure that your child’s reading journal is in school on a daily basis.


This terms learning : Walk like an Egyptian - Ancient Egypt


PE days




Outside - Tuesday and Wednesday




Outside  - Wednesday and Thursday


PE kit should be worn on both days.

PE kit - white t-shirt, navy or black shorts / joggers, trainers.




Weekly update 23rd June 2022


The children have worked very hard on their times tables and all the Government checks are now completed.


They have been challenging themselves with subtraction this week, learning different methods of using a number line and rounding to complete their subtractions as well as their favourite method of column subtraction to check their answers.


Please note that due to transition to new classes, Chestnut class will be doing PE on Thursday next week.

Spellings 17.6.22 - To be tested Thursday 24th June 22 (one day earlier)

Weekly update 17th June 2022


In Year 4, the children have continued reading the story of Marcy and the riddle of the Sphinx and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Their focus for their writing this week has been using conjunctions effectively in sentences. 

In Art, children have been thinking about printing skills and we have linked this to the Ancient Egypt topic, looking at hieroglyphics and Egyptian borders.

We were very lucky with the weather for sports day. All children joined in well, they loved the different activities and demonstrated their Thrive values well.

Weekly update 10th June 2022


Year 4 have had a busy week back after half term. In English, the children have started a new Egyptian text "Marcy and the riddle of the sphinx" and the they have thoroughly enjoyed getting to grips with the story and the riddle that Marcy has to solve.

In Maths, the children have been busy practising their times tables in a variety of different ways in preparation for the multiplication check which is happening in the next few weeks.

In topic, children wrote instructions about how to mummify a body and learnt what canopic jars were used for. The instructions were quite gruesome!



Weekly update 27th May 2022



Year 4 had a fantastic day at Hinchingbrooke Park. The children got involved in many different activities including pond dipping, fire lighting, toasting marshmallows, imaginative play in the forest with swings, hammocks and mud kitchens etc. A big thank you needs to go to Fireflies and Hinchingbrooke Park for accommodating us all at such short notice.

The children showed their Thrive values really well and the leaders at Fireflies commented on the children's excellent behaviour. Well done Year 4!

Weekly update 20.5.22


There are no spellings for this week as the children were not meant to be in school on Friday for a spelling test and Wednesday - Friday will still be completely off timetable.


Following the very disappointing cancellation of our residential, we will update you as soon as we can this week about the plans that we are putting in place to give the children some lovely experiences this week. Thank you so much for the comments and emails that you have made and sent in response to the news.


Year 4 children spent last week looking at Haiku poems and performance skills for reading aloud. After writing a poem as a pair or group of three the children had the opportunity to read it aloud either in their class if they preferred or to the whole year group in the hall. In maths they worked extremely hard to solve word problems using their multiplication skills, remembering to use their knowledge of how to multiply numbers by 10 and how to use column multiplication to solve 1-digit by 2-digit multiplications.

In science they worked in small groups to research an area of interest about man-made changes to habitats, such as global warming and deforestation, then presented their findings to the rest of the class.

Weekly update 13th May 2022


In maths this week, Year 4 have been learning how to solve division calculations using the bus stop method. They have worked very hard and realised how useful their times tables are in solving these calculations. In English,they finished writing their newspaper reports about the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb and we are moving onto poetry until the end of term. In science, the children are recording data and representing it in a line graph to show what is meant by the greenhouse effect and we are starting a new topic in RE thinking about what faith is, to different religions and to an individual.


We are in the final count down to our residential trip, please ensure that medical forms are returned by Monday 16th to help us put all necessary arrangements in place.

Weekly update 6th May 2022


This week, the children have started to write their newspaper reports on the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in ancient Egypt. They have thought hard about including the 5 W's in their opening paragraph - who, what, when, where and why.

In Maths, the children have continued their work on decimals, thinking about tenths and hundredths and converting fractions into decimals.

The children have enjoyed their tri-golf, focusing accuracy using their ball and putter.


It was so lovely seeing so many parents face to face this week for parents evening!

Weekly update 29th April 2022


In Year 4 this week, the children have been learning about decimal numbers in Maths and have been tackling tricky word problems related to this. In English, the children have been looking at features of a newspaper report and how to write quotes using inverted commas. The children were lucky enough to attend an African drumming workshop on Wednesday, where they played the Djembe drum, drumming different patterns and finding out what happens when you touch different parts of the skin.




Please note that PE for Chestnut will be on THURSDAY next week instead of TUESDAY due to parents evening, so children will need to come in PE kit Wednesday and Thursday next week only. **

Weekly update 22nd April 2022


The children have loved the new choices of activities during playtime and lunchtime during the OPAL sessions.

The children have started the new topic of 'Walk like an Egyptian' and in English have started reading 'The story of Tutankhamun', looking at and understanding the new vocabulary and have found out about the process of mummification and the gory details that happens to the bodies!

In Maths, the children have been learning to read and understand Roman numerals as well as ordering and adding and subtracting the numerals.

In Art, the children have been experimenting with watercolours and have been finding out what happens when you add water.

In PE, the children are very lucky to be working with a specialist teacher from Hunts SSP and have started learning the skills and strategies to play tri-golf.

Weekly update 1st April 2022


The children thoroughly enjoyed making their quiches this week, practicing skills of chopping leeks and sausages, grating cheese and cracking eggs and measuring out pastry. We were amazed by how many children tried the quiches and liked them.


There will be no spellings or homework over the Easter holidays, so the children can have a well-earned rest.


We look forward to seeing them back in school on Wednesday 20th April.

Weekly update 25th March 2022

This week, Year 4 have been completing their assessment week. They have amazed all the adults by their positive attitude and perseverance in doing their best. We are very proud of them all.

In English, the children have continued learning how to write a setting description as well as using their skills of using a dictionary to find the meaning of new words which they can include in their writing.

On Wednesday, the children had a fabulous trip to Paxton Pitts where they were time travellers through many different periods of time up to the present day and into the future. The activities included pond dipping where they were amazed at all of the different creatures living in there, fossil hunting, creature hunting in the meadow and finally bird watching across the lake. They were lucky enough to see cormorants flying across the lake and saw where they were nesting too. The class vote was that the favourite activities for the whole day were fossil hunting and pond dipping. We were also so lucky with the weather which was really kind to us. Good fun was had by all!

Weekly update 18th March 2022

This week, the children have continued their learning about fractions in Maths - this time subtracting fractions from amounts and converting improper fractions to mixed number fractions and vice versa which has been quite tricky!

In English, the children have been looking at the picture book "Journey" by Aaron Becker and have described some of the settings from this book, using similes, expanded noun phrases as well as higher order adjectives they found in a thesaurus.

They thoroughly enjoyed their work on grid references in Topic and have been classifying living things by asking yes / no questions and putting this information into a branching diagram. They have continued learning skills of throwing and catching as well as batting, in order to play cricket. They also learnt moved to a pop song in Dance with Mr Russel.

What a busy week Year 4 have had!


Weekly update 11th March 2022


In English this week, the children have been learning about the features of setting descriptions and what makes a good one. They have been identifying features such as similes, adverbs, adjectives and description using the 5 senses.

In Maths, the children have continued their learning on fractions, counting and adding fractions, remembering that you only add the numerators and not the denominators.

During Science, the children have been outside looking for living things and explaining the area in which they found them.

The children are loving having the dance coach teach them different styles of dance and in outdoor games, they have learnt about different techniques of stopping a ball.

Weekly update 4th March 2022


The children in Year 4 have been writing instructions this week, creating the perfect recipe for preparing slops for Wilbur the pig from Charlotte's Web. They have enjoyed being creative, and maybe a little bit disgusting, when choosing the ingredients and explaining the method for preparation. In art the children experimented with pastels and then created their own version of a landscape by Lynn Norton, who is a local Cambridgeshire artist. Please check emails from the last day of term before half term, as a few children have told us that their parents hadn't had the letter about our Paxton Pits trip on 23rd March

Weekly update 25th February 2022

In class this week, the children have been learning about the features of instructional writing. They pair wrote a set of instructions for making a cup of tea using imperative (bossy) verbs, making sure they included all the features that should be in instructions.

In Maths, children have started learning about fractions - unit and non-unit fractions as well as counting in tenths. We related this learning to pizza, cake and chocolate to give them a better understanding!

The children have started our new Science topic of living things and their habitats. They looked at the acronim MRS GREN - the 7 life processes needed to be alive and they created posters explaining the meaning of each.

In Art, the children looked at the work of a local Artist called Lynn Norton and her work which is based on landscapes / animals using pastels and acrylics. The children were able to give their views as to which piece of Art they preferred and why.

Weekly Update 11th February 2022


Year 4 had a great trip to St Neots museum for a led session about the history of St Neots and a guided walk to visit four sites of historical importance. They looked at artefacts ranging from a Mammoth tooth found in Paxton Pits, to a replica drinking bottle that would have been carried by pilgrims visiting the St Neots Priory (which is now under Waitrose) in medieval times. As always, the children represented Bushmead perfectly and were well mannered throughout.


There are no spellings or homework this week, so enjoy your half-term break.



Weekly Update - 4th February 2022


This week in English, the children have been learning about the features of persuasion including exaggeration and they will be using these skills next week when they write a persuasive letter.

In Maths, the children have been learning how to find the perimeter of rectangles and rectilinear shapes including working out missing numbers. A focus has been making sure that they have been calculating the perimeter accurately, adding up each side carefully.

In Science, children have been investigating which materials act as good sound proofing, testing a range of different materials and deciding how to carry out a fair test. 

Junk modelling materials


In science the children are going to be designing a pair of ear defenders after testing which materials are most effective at sound proofing. Can you please send in any clean materials such as carboard, plastic bottles bubble wrap, polystyrene, an old t-shirt that could be cut up or anything else that could be used as sound proofing.

Please could we have the junk modelling in school on Wednesday 9th February or before?


Many thanks


Mrs Row and Mrs Yates

Weekly update 28th January 2022

In Art this week the children used the combing skills that they have been practising to create their own Union Jack flags, we will be hanging them as bunting so keep an eye out through the window. In Maths we were working on multiplication and the children have worked hard to tackle 3-digit x 1-digit calculations using column multiplication. They spent the week writing an adventure story involving Wilbur the pig from our English text, Charlotte's Web. We have enjoyed sharing their creative ideas and have been impressed by their writing stamina.


Please see the note above for a request for materials that we need to use in our next two science lessons, the children will be testing how effective different materials are as soundproofing and then designing and making ear defenders to end our topic about sound.

TT Rockstars - January 2022


Each week, we would like the children to complete 15 minutes of TT Rockstars to help improve their times table knowledge. This can be accessed from any device and their log ins details are in their homework book.

Homework 21st January 2022


Children have been set a Maths task on Education city to complete and is due in by next Wednesday.


The website is


In order to log on, each child has a copy of their username and password which is stuck in the inside front cover of their homework book.


Weekly Update 21st January 2022


Another busy week in both Y4 classes!


In English, children have been exploring the feelings of each of the characters in Charlotte's web, writing questions and hot seating that character to see what answers they came up with, pretending to be that character.


During Maths, children have been practising their skills of  column addition and subtraction and checking their answers using the inverse operation.


Children have had great fun with their combing techniques in Art this week, creating a large version of the Union Jack as a group.


In Science, children have been learning about pitch and volume and had a go at playing bottles / glasses that had different amounts of water in them, deciding which would have a high or low pitch and why.

Weekly update - week 10th January 2022


In year 4 this week, the children have started reading Charlotte's web. They have written their own character descriptions about two of the characters and have been focusing on using detail in their description as well as higher order adjectives.

In Maths, children have been practising their skills of rounding to 10, 100 and 1000 and applying this knowledge to solving word problems and puzzles.

In Art, children have learnt and explored the skill of combing following the work of the singing American artist Joe Everson. The children were really surprised at the results!

Weekly update - 7th January 2022


In Year 4, children have been busy being aspiring writers for the Rotary Young Writer's competition. They have written about the environment which is the title in a variety of different ways, each child has chosen their own genre of writing.

In Maths, children have consolidated their knowledge of place value, revisiting 10, 100 and 1000 more and less than a number as well as counting in 25s and learning about negative numbers.

In Topic, children have been introduced to the new Topic of United We Stand, thinking about the 4 different countries that make up the United Kingdom and they have thought about questions they would like to find out the answers to.

During Science, children went on a sound walk around the school, identifying the quiet and louder areas within school and they were surprised at what they heard in each different place.

Home learning for children isolating.

Suggestions for different ways to learn spellings...