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Year 4 - Chestnut and Maple

Welcome to Year 4


Chestnut Class

Mrs Yates & Mr Smith


Maple Class

Mrs Row & Miss Meeks 



Reading: at least 3 times a week with parental signature in reading journal. 

Spellings: Will be put on the class page every Friday and tested the following Friday.

Times tables tests will be every Friday - the children are aware of which times table they are focusing on.

Please ensure that your child’s reading journal is in school on a daily basis.


This terms learning : United We Stand


PE days


Chestnut & Maple


Inside - Wednesday

Swimming - Friday afternoons


PE kit should be worn on PE days.

PE kit - white t-shirt, navy or black shorts / joggers, trainers.




Weekly update 27th January 2023



In Year 4 this week, the children have written their own adventure stories based on the characters from Charlotte's web. They have had to include things like fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases to interest the reader.

In Maths, the children have been learning about repeated addition as a way of multiplying as well as learning about using column multiplication and they have realised how important it is to have rapid recall of their times tables.

In Geography, they have thought about how St Neots has changed and what could be improved for the future. In Science, they looked at how we hear sound with our ears and made cone ears to see which size would help them hear better. 

In PE, they are continuing to focus on healthy lifestyles and have started doing various different exercises and recording their score each week to see how they have improved.

Weekly update 20th January 2023


This week in Maths, the children have been learning to multiply and divide by 10 and 100 and have been tackling tricky problem solving questions, using this new knowledge.

In English, the children have continued to read Charlotte's web and have now been introduced to the rest of the characters.

In Science, they have been learning about the pitch and volume of a sound and have completed practical tasks to enhance their learning.

In Geography, the children have been locating and naming islands which surround the UK.

They have started the unit of healthy lifestyles in PE, completing different tasks and recording their efforts and scores and they will repeat this to see if their personal score has improved.

All the children enjoyed their first trip to the swimming pool for their lesson. There was mass excitement in both classes on Friday morning!


Helpers needed for trips


We have organised for the children to go on two trips this term as per the letters sent out Friday 20th January.

We are looking for some extra adult helpers on those trips - Museum 7th February for both classes for the morning and Paxton Pitts on 7th March (Chestnut) and 21st March (Maple) all day.


Please see either of us if you are able to help.


Many thanks


Mrs Yates and Mrs Row

Weekly update 13th January 2023


Year 4 have started back with a positive attitude to their learning and in English we have started reading Charlotte's Web and will be writing an adventure story about Wilbur the pig in the next couple of weeks. The children have learnt about negative numbers in maths and estimating numbers on a number line using reasoning skills to explain why they think an answer is correct. During art last week the children produced some lovely interpretations of the Union Jack flag in line with our geography topic, using cardboard combs of their own design.

Weekly update 6th January 2023


Happy New Year to you all!


The children have all settled in well after the Christmas holidays.


The children will now be doing their times table tests on a Friday rather than a Tuesday as we have had to re-adjust the timetable because of swimming on a Friday afternoon.


Please remember to keep practicing TT rockstars and earn 1000 coins a week. Learning your times tables is such a valuable skill and this knowledge will really help in the other areas of Maths eg column multiplication which we will be learning about later on in the term.

Weekly update 21st December 2022


It has been a great first term for the Year 4's who have settled in well to learning this year. They had a busy term focusing on the Romans in history and enjoying their trip to Verulamium museum and learning about electricity and states of matter in science, completing lots of science experiments in both these topics. In Maths, they have really started impressing us with their times table knowledge and we look forward to building on this throughout the next term. The children responded well to Revolt Against the Romans, our text in English and have written some interesting pieces of writing throughout the term. They have made a mosaic shield and Roman style pot in art and worked very hard sewing their brooches in DT. The term was topped off by their super performances in our Christmas play, we could not have been prouder of how hard they worked to learn their lines and the songs.


There are no spellings for the Christmas holidays.


We hope you have a restful Christmas and look forward to starting back in January.

Weekly update 9th December 2022


Year 4 have been immersing themselves in their rehearsals for the Christmas production of "who took the loo roll". They have been remembering to use loud voices and the songs are coming on beautifully.

In Maths, the children have started a new unit about statistics and collecting, representing data in bar graphs and analysing the results.

In English the children have looked at a Christmas advert about "Excitable Edgar", summarising what happens in the video, using fronted adverbials.


Weekly update 2nd December 2022


The children have had a busy week both with assessment week and the trip to Verulamium.


They have all tried really hard with their Maths and Reading assessments, we have all been very pleased with their efforts and perseverance.


The children had a brilliant day at the Roman museum, looking at and handling real life objects from the Roman times. What lucky children they are to have had such a fantastic experience. They also got to look round the museum at the different artefacts that have been discovered in the local area of St Albans including real life mosaics. 


This week's spellings are a revision of all the keyword spellings that the children have learnt this term. They will be tested on them next Friday 9th December. Each group have 15 spellings, most of the spellings will only need to be revised and there are a couple of new ones to learn.

Week ending 25th November


This week in Year 4, the children have been learning about poetry and in particular what a kenning is and how to write one.

They have been practicing making different amounts of money using coins, adding and rounding amounts to make a total.

In Science, they have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes with states of matter. For example when you fry an egg, the change is irreversible.

Play rehearsal is well under way, lots of the children have been learning their lines as well as the songs, so a big well done already!

Monday 21st November - Christmas production song words


The children will be bringing home the words to their Christmas songs to learn today. Please get them to practice their songs, especially Silent Night, as this is the one that they are finding most tricky to learn. You could use a platform like Youtube to help with the backing track and lyrics to help you to practice this song.

Weekly update 18th November 22


This week, the children have been planning and writing their next chapter for "Revolt of the Romans", using fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and conjunctions. They were able to link their ideas from the last chapter in the book to their own chapter, using Marcus as their key character.

In Maths, the children continued their learning on converting cm to mm and started learning about calculating the perimeter of regular shapes.

In Science, the children were learning about gases as part of the states of matter topic. They observed 4 different experiments all to do with gases. They had to predict what they thought would happen, write down their observations and work out what they had learnt from each experiment.They particularly liked the raisins in lemonade experiment as the raisins danced up and down!


On Friday, the children were each given their part for the Christmas production as well as a costume letter. The children will be coming home with lines to practice, they will need to learn them so that they know them off by heart.

Adult helpers required


We are looking for parent helpers for our two trips coming up this month with both Y4 classes.


The first is the cinema trip where we will be walking to the cinema and watching Sing 2 on Thursday 10th November. We will be leaving just after 9am, returning just before lunchtime.


The second is the trip to St Albans  on Tuesday 29th November that is an all-day trip, leaving just before 9am and returning at 3.15pm.


Please see Mrs Yates or Mrs Row if you are available to help out for either of these trips.


Thank you for your support.

Homework - Autumn 2 2022


The expectation for homework going forward is:


- Read at least 3x a week with an adult to sign the reading diary,

- 15 minutes of TT Rockstars a week, earning at least 1000 coins,

- Weekly spellings that are put on the website on a Friday, to be tested the following Friday.


Homework in the green homework book will no longer be given.

Weekly update 11th November


Year 4 have had a very busy week completing their autumn Design and Technology project. The children were tasked with designing and making a brooch out of felt to help a Roman Emperor hold his toga or cloak in place. They had a range of felt fabrics, beads and wool to choose from and have shown great resilience and patience when sewing their brooches together. The finished pieces are really impressive. We also had a great trip to the cinema on Thursday and as always the children were polite and respectful when out of school. 

Maple class are looking forward to their class assembly on Wednesday morning.

Weekly Update - 4th November 


Maples and Chestnut had a great first week back after half term. In English the children were practising different descriptive techniques in preparation for story writing over the next two weeks. In maths they were recognising angles in shapes and identifying different types of triangles. We ended the week beginning to learn the songs for the Christmas performance, I'm sure over the next few weeks that children will be humming and singing them for you at home! On Tuesday this week we will be starting our DT project which includes sewing so if you have a chance at the weekend any help teaching your child to thread a needle would be greatly appreciated!

Weekly update 21st October 2022


There are no spellings or homework during half term.


What a busy half term Chestnut and Maple have had!

In English this week, the children have written formal letters about the conditions of the prison cell Marcus from Revolt of the Romans was put in, practicing their use of formal language.

In Maths, the children have been practising their 7x and 9x tables, finding fact families and working out the corresponding divisions and applying this knowledge when solving problems.

The children have finished their electricity topic with a quiz, getting them to recall all of their knowledge learnt so far.

They have also been learning about online identities and the safety involved about going online and sharing personal information

Weekly update 14th October 2022.


Another busy week in Year 4.

This week, the children have been learning about formal and informal language in English and when would be appropriate to use each one when writing letters.

In Maths, the children have been learning their 6x and 9x tables, doing various activities to support this.

They also had a day focusing on Black History. They learnt about a black inventor called Lewis Latimer who helped Thomas Edison in the design of the lightbulb (linking to our current Science topic of Electricity). He designed a carbon filament to make light bulbs last longer. The children really enjoyed learning about this inventor. Why don't you ask your child about some of the facts they learnt?


Weekly update 7.10.22


The children have been writing informal letters in English this week from Cati, a character in our English story, to her brother Marcus who has been imprisoned by the Roman army. They used descriptive techniques and thoughts and feelings in their writing. In maths they have been practising telling the time, they have wowed us with their resilience with a tricky subject and are looking forward to lots of practise at home to increase their understanding. In science they continued to build circuits predicting whether a circuit was complete and a bulb would light.


Please remember that the expectation for TT Rockstars each week is to earn at least 1000 coins.

Weekly update 30.9.22

The children had fantastic visits to the library this week and it was lovely to see all of the children choosing a book, reading it and really showing engagement. The library staff were very impressed and commented about their good behaviour.

In English, the children have been reading more of 'Revolt of the Romans' as well as focusing on writing using expanded noun phrases, conjunctions and learning the rules of possessive apostrophes.

In Maths, the children have been developing their knowledge of the 3 and 6 times tables, improving their speed of recall of each one.

In Science, the children were given a choice of equipment and they had to make a simple electrical circuit to make it complete so that a light bulb could light up. The children loved doing this practical experiment.


Please remember, the expectation each week for TT Rockstars is to earn 1000 coins.

Weekly update 23.9.22


This week, the children have written their diary entries based on the main character from 'Revolt of the Romans', focusing on using thoughts and feelings as well as adverbs and time conjunctions.

In Maths, children have been learning about column addition and subtraction with exchanging and carrying over, focusing on accuracy.

In Science, children started their new topic of electricity looking at different types, including renewable and non-renewable energy.

In PE, children have continued their orienteering, using maps of the playground and finding objects located on the map as well as in Gymnastics they have practised different balances and thinking about smooth transitions between them.



Spellings 16.9.22 - to be tested 23.9.22. Your child has been told which spelling group they are in.

Weekly Update

This week in English, the children have been learning about fronted adverbials and how to use these effectively to add more detail in their writing.

In Maths, the children have been adding and subtracting 10, 100 and 1000 from a number and have started using column addition.

In Art, the children have designed and created their own mosiac pictures using small pieces of paper in the style of the Artist Metzinger.

In PE, the children have been continuing their orienteering, using a map to find and place cones in different areas of the playground.


Accelerated Reader Books


The Accelerated Reader system is being updated, so at the moment, your child will be bringing a book home that they have chosen to read for pleasure. As soon as the system is up and running, your child will bring home a book that is suited to their AR level.

Weekly update 9th September 2022


The children have settled in really well to Year 4 this week. They have adapted well to the new values of 'Ready, Respectful, learn' and have used these values really positively.

In English, the children have been reading "Revolt against the Romans" and they have been learning lots of new vocabulary that is found in the book.

In Maths, the children have been learning about place value, partitioning numbers into thousands, hundreds, tens and ones.

In Art, the children have been learning about mosiacs, focusing on the artist Metzinger.



This week, your children will be bringing home a green homework book and their task is to decorate it however they like.

We would also like the children to log onto TT rockstars and practise their times tables for 15 minutes each week that have been allocated to them.

Their log on details are on the inside of their homework books.

Any questions, please ask.

Mrs Yates & Mrs Row

Suggestions for different ways to learn spellings...