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Nurture Provision

Tree House Nurture Provision


The Tree House nurture provision at Bushmead Primary School, offers a secure and predictable, small class setting for pupils.  This is based within the main school and will be accessed by pupils on a full time or part time basis for a period of two to four terms.


At Bushmead we believe that to enable our pupils to learn effectively, they need to feel safe in their environment and be both socially and emotionally ready to learn, offering both nurturing and enriching experiences to enable the development of the whole child.

We recognise that some of our pupils are not always emotionally ready to learn when they come to school and require an increased level of support for them to access the wider curriculum.  For this reason, we offer a nurture provision for key pupils to support their social and emotional development.

The Six Principals of Nurture


•Children's learning is understood developmentally

•The classroom offers a safe base

•The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing

•Language is a vital means of communication

•All behaviour is communication

•The importance of transition in children's lives


The Tree House provision at Bushmead has two full time members of staff working alongside its pupils.


Nurture offers a short term, focused, early intervention strategy, which addresses barriers to learning.   By supporting the social and emotional needs of the child, with an emphasis on language development and communication, we are able to grow their confidence and self-esteem. By modelling appropriate behaviour, developing and promoting strategies alongside individual targets we aim to enable the child to access the curriculum.  Working in partnership with the class teacher, parents and school support staff, we work towards the child’s return to full participation in their mainstream class.

Nurture Staff