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Year 1 - Alder and Holly


Welcome to Year 1. The teachers in year 1 are Miss Buck (Alder) and Mrs Buckle (Holly) and teaching assistants are Miss Crawford and Mrs Laundon.


All children need a named water bottle in school.

Children in Year 1 are offered fruit every day, if you would  your child to bring in a snack for playtime please can it be healthy- fruit, cereal bar, crackers etc. No sweets, chocolate or nuts. If you would like your child to have milk, please contact the school office. Please also help us by naming all of your child's belongings to help us encourage your child to be independent. 

Reading books will be changed every Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure that your child brings their book in every day to allow us to read with your child at least once per week.

We would also like your child to have a pair of wellies to keep in school, particularly as it gets muddier outside! 

This Term's Learning

The Great Fire of London

This term will be themed on 'The Great Fire of London'! We will be learning about fire, heat and firefighters. We will also be learning where London is and some of its landmarks as well as what London would have been like in 1666.


PE: Alder- Monday and Thursday Holly- Tuesday and Thursday

Children must come into school in their PE kit. 


Children are expected to arrive in school PE uniform on the above PE days. Please click here for details

Home learning pack for year one

If your child is off for with COVID or is self-isolating here is a pack that can be done at home.


Week beginning 10th January

- This week, we would like your children to draw and write about their favourite place they have ever visited. 

week beginning 17th January

- Can you solve the number problems? 

Weekly Update


Week 1

(Week beginning 3rd January)

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas. This week we have begun our new 'The Great Fire of London' topic. In English, we have been reading 'The Queen's hat' by Steve Anthony. In maths, we have been learning to measure length, weight and capacity. We have also been discussing what we already know about London (Alder class have taken a great interest in Queen Elizabeth and the royal weddings!) as well as exploring colour mixing, learning the 'London's burning' song. We have also been learning about mosques- some of us made our own mosques! Next week we will be adapting our 'The Queen's hat' stories, practicing our number bonds and continuing to learn about London. 


Week 2

(Week beginning 10th January)

We have all been working so hard in year 1 this week! We have been writing our own versions of 'The Queen's hat' story where the Queen's hat blew all around St Neots! We have also been practicing our number bonds to make 10. We have also been learning about landmarks in London. We really enjoyed building our own! We have been using our knowledge of colour mixing to paint pictures of fire. Miss Myers has been teaching us the 'London's burning' song and Miss Crawford has been teaching us about the Quran. 


Week 3

(Week beginning 24th January)

This week we have had a week of grammar in English. We have been learning how to add -s, -ed and -ing onto the ends of words. We have also enjoyed working practically to solve subtraction problems in maths. We also painted Fire of London silhouettes - they look amazing! Following our fire practice on Wednesday, lots of the children have been worried about fire. We have had lots of discussions about how to keep safe if we were in a fire at school or at home. We ask that you discuss any worries with your child at home. Next week we are really lucky to have a visitor come in to school on Tuesday for a Great Fire of London workshop. We ask that if you have not paid this yet, that it is paid for as soon as possible, otherwise we may unfortunately have to cancel. Please contact the office if you have any issues with this. Next week we will be learning about the houses in London at the time of the fire. We ask that if you have any cardboard boxes lying around at home, please bring them in to top up our junk modelling box! Thank you for your continued support. 

A typical day in Year 1








English and busy learning activities

Break and snack

Maths and busy learning activities


Guided reading 




Alongside busy learning activities

Diamond time on Fridays!



In our busy learning actives we teach in a play-based style where children access a range of activities which support the Early Years and Year 1 curriculum.