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Year 1 - Alder and Holly

English and Maths learning- Week beginning 

8th July 2024



 This week in Year 1 Holly and Alder will start learning about a new text, The Leaf Thief' by Alice Hemming. Can we work out who is stealing squirrel's leaves...?



 This week Year 1 will be learning about time. This unit of work will cover days of the week, months of the year, time intervals and telling the time to o'clock and half past the hour.

Year 1 Summer 2 spellings


On Friday 14th June your child will be given a paper copy of their new spellings for this half term.


The spellings also can be downloaded below:





English and Maths learning- Week beginning 

17th June 2024



Year 1 are continuing to learn about the text 'The Owl Babies'. This week the children will be starting to plan their Owl baby wood description. The children will be using adjectives and their 5 senses to make their writing interesting and engaging to read.



This week in Maths we continue to learn about the place value of numbers to 100. We will be looking at representing numbers in different ways, for example part whole models and number lines. The children will also be learning to compare 2 numbers using the symbols less than, greater than and equal.

A massive well done to all the children in Year 1 who have completed their Phonic Screening check.yes


You all were superstars!smiley


We look forward to sharing the results with you at the end of the Summer term.

Update for Year 1 parentsenlightened


 New spellings for this half term  will come home with your child on Friday 14th  June after the Year 1 Phonic Screening check has been completed for all children.


The first date of testing for spellings will be Friday 21st June.smiley

Spellings will also be uploaded to the Year 1 class website page



Year 1 Phonic Screening Check

Week beginning  10th June 2024


This week in year 1 the children will be doing their Phonic Screening Check.yes


English and Maths learning- Week beginning 

10th June 2024



Year 1 are continuing to learn about the text 'The Owl Babies'. This week we will be focusing on the story setting, the wood. The children will be learning about adjectives and writing their own descriptive sentences.



This week in Maths we are moving on to the place value of numbers to 100. The children will be joining in lots of fun counting warm ups, writing numbers up to 100, partitioning numbers and finding the number that is 1 more or 1 less than a given number.

Welcome back Holly and Alder Class!smiley


We hope you have had a lovely half term and are ready for your last 7 weeks in Year 1!!!yes


Year 1 reminders


Year 1 Phonic screening check- week beginning 10th June 2024


New spellings will be given out to all children next week after the screening check has been completed.


Sports Day- Friday 7th June- EYFS/ Key Stage 1 - 1.30pm


This half term PE days stay the same for Holly and Alder Class.

Wednesday - inside PE

Thursday- outdoor PE


Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.smiley


This half term our topic is...


If you go down to the woods!


We will be learning in



To identify and name common plants and trees.



Henry Rousseau- French painter who is famous for nature art and fantasy jungle pictures.


D and T

Explore, design, make and evaluate a healthy salad you could take on a picnic.



Simple map work, photographs and map symbols and keys.



Vocal and body sounds



Net and wall games

Target games



Managing Change



Books and stories



Basic skills


English and Maths learning- Week beginning 3rd June 2024




This week we have started to look at the text 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell. The children have been getting to know the story by talking about what they liked about the story, making the owls tree using twiglets and leaves and writing about how the little owls felt when Mummy Owl did not come homesad. We will also be writing a book review to share with Eyfs telling the children all about the main parts of the story and characters.




This week in Maths we are learning about position and direction. We have been looking at describing different types of turns and learning about our left and right. We have learnt about words to position, for example forwards, backwards, above, below ect. We have also had fun joining in the Hokey Cokey and giving our friends different directions to follow.

For new Maths and English learning for the week beginning 20h May, please scroll down.yes

Phonic Screening Meeting Reminder


We would like to invite you to attend a Phonics Screening Check information session at school on Wednesday 8th May 2024 @ 2:30 pm in the main hall. This meeting is to explain the Phonics Screening process which takes place for Year 1 children during the week beginning the 17th June 2024.


At this meeting we aim to:


 Explain what happens during the Phonic Screening check and why the screening process is so important for our pupils and schools.

 Give information about what we will be doing in school to prepare and support our children for this check

 Share tips about how you can help your child at home

 Answer any questions regarding the Phonics Check


If you cannot attend but would like access to handouts and information please speak to your child’s class teacher. The meeting will be no longer than 30 minutes in order for you to be able to collect your children as normal at the end of the school day.


We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 8th May 2024 @ 2:30 pm in the main hall.

New English and Maths learning for the week beginning 29th April 2024- please scroll down!


Fitz Kids Workshop


Monday 20th May 2024


This fun workshop brings together the PE and PSHE curriculum using age appropriate visual aids and video content. The children will participate in activities such as hula hooping, jumping skills, yoga, strength games and a set of coordination challenges! ‘Kidz Fit’ will also share with the children tips to stay healthy by eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and having a good hygiene routine.


In order for this event to take place we kindly ask for a contribution of £4 per child. Please pay this amount via Parent Pay by Friday 17th May. We hope that you will support this experience.

If you need any support regarding payment, please speak to your child’s class teacher or Mr Down.

Summer Term 2024!

We hope you've all had a lovely Easter holiday and are ready for your last term in Year 1!smiley


We can't wait to welcome you back into school on Tuesday 16th April and hear all about your holiday news.yes

Updates and news

 *Changed Year 1 PE days*


These days are for both Holly and Alder Class


Wednesday- Holly and Alder - Indoor PE


Thursday - Holly and Alder- Outdoor PE


The changes are due to timetabling of the main hall and also classes working with PE coaches.




New spellings will come home with your child on Tuesday 16th April.

Please note


Summer 1 spellings give the children time to go back and revisit Phonic sounds previously taught. This allows the children to consolidate their Phonic learning and spell and use these words correctly in their independent writing. This half term also has some extra tricky word practice!!

This half term our new topic is called...



This Summer's topic is all about the children learning how important it is to stay healthy, look after our minds and bodies and have lots of fun!


Over the course of the half term the children will be learning about staying healthy in all areas of the foundation subjects. Please see below:



The famous painter Arcrimboldo who creates fantastic portraits inspired by using fruit and vegetables to make faces.



Basic computing skills leading up to creating media digital writing.


Design Technology

To explore what makes makes food healthy, design, make and evaluate making a healthy snack.



Children to learn about the famous nurse Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell a British nurse who helped wounded soldiers in the First World War.



Pitch and Tempo with the superheroes!



Indoor- Dance

Outdoors- Fitness skills

Please note there is a change to Year 1 PE days.



Feeling Safe



Parts of the body

Learning about the 5 Senses- Taste, Touch, Smell, Hear and Sight



Books and stories



Week beginning 20th May 2024



This week the children will be making and writing a set of instructions to make a healthy fruit rocket. The children will need to remember to start their instructions with a bossy imperative verb and write in sequence.smiley



In Maths this week Year 1 are learning about fractions. The children will learn to recognise and find 1/4 of objects, shapes and a small number quantity.yes


Year 1 Trip to St Neots museum


This week the children in Year 1 are visiting St Neots's museum.


Holly Class- Tuesday 5th December

This is a morning visit, the children will be back in time for lunch


Alder Class- Thursday 7th December

This is an afternoon visit, the children will be back for home time


Please ensure that you have given mini - bus permission via Parent Pay without this we will not be able to take your child on this visit.


The cost of the trip is £4


Any questions please see your child's class teacher.smiley

We welcome all of our year 1 children back into school. We hope you've all had a lovely happy half term.

Year 1 PE changed day!

Year 1 new PE days


For Holly Class and Alder Class


Thursday - outdoor

Friday - indoor

PLEASE, PLEASE label all your child's belongings that come into school.


We will always do our best to return all your child's belongings at the end of the day, but it does become difficult if belongings aren't labelled. All of the children's uniform looks similar and are often the same size. When we find clothing with names in, it makes it so much easier and quicker to return it back to the child.


Thank you for your support

New Year 1 spellings- Autumn 1b 2023

Today (Monday 30th October 2023) your child has brought home their new spellings for this half term in their blue folder. 


- All spellings are linked to the children's Little Wandle Phonic teaching and cover a review of Phase 3, 4 and new words from Phase 5. Spellings will also include tricky words.

- Please practice the words 3 times a week with your child ready for a spelling challenge each Friday. 


-Remember to have red spelling books in school on Friday ready for our spelling challenge.


Any questions, please speak to a member of the year 1 team.smiley

Year 1 Reading Update


- All children should have brought home on Friday a blue folder with a reading for pleasure library book, a reading diary and a spelling book.


-We are currently assessing all children's Phonics so that as from next week each child will have a fully decodable Little Wandle book linked to their weekly Phonics teaching.


- The children have chosen a book to read for pleasure so please spend 5 daily minutes sharing and looking at the book together and then record in the green Bushmead diary. smiley


Thank you for your support. yes





A huge warm welcome to Year 1!smiley


These are the people who will be working with your children over the course of the year.


Holly Classsmiley

Teacher - Miss Maw

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Case

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Wenman


Alder Classsmiley

Teacher - Miss Fox

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Laundon


 Miss Myers will also work in Year 1 Alder Class.




This half term's topic is called 'Let's Celebrate!'


As part of this topic the children will enjoyed themed learning from each national curriculum subject:


Science- Carrying out a Science investigation. Making predictions, observing changes and asking scientific questions


Art - Learning about the artist Gustav Klimt a famous painter of the ' Tree Of Life'



History- The Gunpowder plot, Remembrance Day, and how Christmas has changed over the years


Music- Listen, explore and learn songs from 'Big, Little Nativity'


Computing- Creating own media digital paintings



PSHE-  Family and friendships

             Anti- Bullying


RE- Religious festivals- Diwali, Hanukah and Christmas



Indoor- Gymnastics

Outdoor- Fundamental Skills


*All children need a named water bottle in school.


*Children in Year 1 are offered fruit every day, if you would like your child to bring in a snack for playtime please can it be healthy- fruit, cereal bar, crackers etc. No sweets, chocolate or nuts.


*Please also help us by naming all of your child's belongings to help us encourage your child to be independent. 



*PE days: (Please send you child to school dressed in full, school, PE kit)


Holly: Thursday and Friday

Alder: Thursday and Friday

Finally, we would also like your child to have a pair of wellies to keep in school, particularly as it gets muddier outside! 


This week in English

Week beginning 4th December


This week in English we are continuing to learn about 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' We will be looking at the different letters and cards he delivers and build  up to writing our own letters to Santa.



This week in Maths

Week beginning 4th December


This week in Maths we are re visiting the operations of  addition and subtraction. We will also be practicing our number formation and writing in lots of different fun ways!

A typical day in Year 1








English and busy learning activities

Break and snack

Maths and busy learning activities


Guided reading 




Alongside busy learning activities.



In our busy learning actives we teach in a play-based style where children access a range of activities which support the Early Years and Year 1 curriculum.